Vince Noog – No Borders Ep [SL008]

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Portada Science 008

Syrinx – Pandora Ep [SL007]

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Aiken – Scientific Methods [SL005] -Out on May 23th-

Written on mayo 16, 2011 at 6:38 am

Just like our first release from almost one year ago (which is currently number 5 in the catalogue), we will once again unite two Spanish artists to bring life to this new release, entitled Scientific Methods.
Aiken is the young Spanish producer bringing his particular musical “scientific methods” to this fifth reference. He is joined by the mysterious artist known as Architectural, who remixes the track Conclusion.
Aiken started out on the discographical circuit with the track ‘Lost Origins’ (SD007, 2010) under the Spanish label Suspiria Digital, owned by Lasik, part of the Spanish duet Exium. After his first work, other labels began to follow him such as Irdial Music and Outer Heaven Records, among others.
Architectural released three vinyls on 2010 under his own label, simultaneously producing creative output as an author and label at the same time. These vinyls were warmly received by international artists of the international Electronic music scene.
The Architect’s spirit meshes will with that of Aiken. They give this release a musical symbiosis reaching effortlessly towards perfection. Both artists share, amongst other things, influences from the acclaimed musical traditions of Chicago and Detroit. They are able to imprint in all their tracks a deep and minimalist character of great intensity.
Faithful to their ideals in Scientific Methods, with Aiken in the lead, they bring us four cuts divided into three stages: “Hypothesis”, “Experiment” and “Conclusion” (this last one being re-touched by the Architect’s remix).
Deep, intense techno, made in Spain. This is Scientific Methods, the fifth reference on Science Label.

Aiken – Scientific Methods [SL005] by Science Label

Elliott Dodge – Time Travel EP [SL004]

Written on enero 16, 2011 at 1:49 am

Science Label presents its fourth and freshest release, Time Travel EP with English DJ and producer Elliott Dodge (founder and owner of Snapshot Recordings Label).
Time Travel EP also features the return of Barcelona DJ and producer Sistema (Bedrock, Traum). Last year Sistema inaugurated the current catalog with his A Los Hechos Me Remito (SL001), and now brings his remix skills to the new EP.
Elliott presents three tracks with an intense techno character, with evident influence from his continued source of inspiration, found in the music originating in the city of Detroit.
The opening track of this release is Facing North; Dodge chose Detroit chords as the prominent sound throughout the track, alongside a profound and mysterious bass that directly references the producer’s particular musical style.
Sistema’s Facing North (Open Hand Remix) offers a more old-school, acid sound than Sistema’s usual style that you can find on the rest of the EP; instead this track is reminiscent of tracks born decades ago in Chicago. Bass!
The EP culminates with Time, a track with an energetic and completely techno sound. The force of this track is a complimentary contrast to the cooler vibe of Facing North, and is Elliot’s all-out climax to the EP as a whole.
For the finale of the release, we can submerge ourselves in Scape, a dark and dense track of deep techno, where we can release our minds and bodies with a dose of Profan’s label Studio 1 style.

Elliott Dodge – Time Travel EP [SL004] by Science Label

Erell Ranson – Deep Journey Mix

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Science Podcast_02 >> Erell Ranson – Deep Journey Mix by Science Label

Erell Ranson – In Your Hands EP [SL003]

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The Parallel

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Check now the new release from Science Label: SL02 “The Parallel”

Sistema – A Los Hechos Me Remito [SL001]

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Check now the last release from Science Label: Sistema ~ 10 years