Colin McKeown, this is the artist behind the alias of “The Parallel”, he is one of the emergent talents of Ireland that now takes the stage of the European techno stage. From the debut of the label Static Recordings, The Parallel showed what he’s got straight forward and made it clear to the world with the constant growth and evolution of his music. With the twelve-inch “The Parallel EP” (Komisch 03, 2009) from last year, it captured the attention of many famous and important figures of this sector, whom are taking part in some tracks with their sessions and charts, these are artists such as Laurent Garnier, Kirk Degiorgio, Dave Clarke, Surgeon, The Black Dog, James Ruskin, Vince Watson, Luke Slater and many more. The Parallel brings with him the®LifeTime EP® to celebrate our second reference of Science Label, where there will be four themes clearly representing true techno characteristics and variations. “Auxium” starts this reference with an extensive and powerful theme, deep techno with thick and surrounding chords that will take your breath away. The second track “LifeTime”, shows a rhythmic of groove running through the whole theme and later combines with a melody that together pay tribute to their city of origen, Detroit. “Optical”  opened The Parallel to a new world of “acid” sound, done with a 303 and that it is present throughout the track with an authentic dub and deep techno style. And last but no least, “Terrestrial”, it shows the most melodic side of “LifeTime EP”. A cosmical techno moves within a celestial atmosphere where a light analogue melody plays a dominating part.

The Parallel – Lifetimes (edit) by Science Label